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Pfister Seeds is joining forces with NuTech Seed.

Read more to learn how we’re enhancing the farming lifestyle we love with a whole new range of options for your acres.

The Pfister Lifestyle


Real success in farming includes the ability to enjoy it with the people you love. This is what lies at the heart of what we call The Pfister Lifestyle, an approach to farming and life with three core principles: Success, Enjoyment and Family.

  • Success

    Nobody hands you anything in this world—you have to earn it. You work hard to earn your yields, and at Pfister, we work just as hard to earn your acres, year after year. The way we see it, your success is the most important measure of ours.

  • Enjoyment

    The pursuit of happiness is something each of us desires. And making the most of those happy times with friends and family is what makes the pursuit worthwhile. At Pfister, we know the value of celebrating your successes. After all, what good is all that hard labor if you can’t enjoy its fruits every now and then?

  • Family

    Friendships are a great thing, and there’s one group of people that will always have your back, no matter what. They share your dreams, enjoy your trust, shoulder your struggles and cheer your triumphs like they were their own. Our Pfister family commits itself daily to ensuring the future of yours.

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