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Pfister Hunt Club

Congratulations to our two winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural Pfister Hunt Club photo contest. We had over 175,000 votes and 12,000 visitors who viewed the site. We are looking forward to running the contest ...

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Different This Time

A year that we won’t soon forget. Very early planting, a historic drought, and $8 corn. 2012 has been emotional. In my visits with some of you who have seen your "40 crops," it brought back memories of 1954 or ...

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The Process

Building any company is a process. You start with a dream, create a philosophy that identifies what you stand for, and surround yourself with good people. At Pfister, we are well down this path. With the help of a lot ...

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Feed Me

Has the dynamics of planting corn-on-corn changed, or have environmental factors played a big role the past two seasons? This has become one of the most asked questions by our friends as the combines start to be put away for ...

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The term "component company" gets tossed around quite a bit right now. Where did it come from, and what does it mean? There have been component companies as long as there have been specialty manufacturing  groups, but the term really ...

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Roll the Dice

How much nitrogen is left in the soil with the short crop? This has been a topic of discussion for the past few weeks with opinions being shared from everywhere. Would you consider applying less nitrogen this fall or next ...

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“Green” Beans, Anyone?

Are your soybeans ready to cut and still green? This could be a big issue for the driest areas of the Corn Belt this fall. Plants are holding onto a lot of green leaves and will most likely remain that ...

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More Corn in 2013?

Based on the past two growing seasons, variation is the new normal. Our friends are calling with 200 bushel stories and 40 bushel stories, and some have acre after acre of corn to mow. The growing season of 2012 will ...

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Harvest Season

A small town in the Midwest is a special place during harvest season. It really opens your eyes to what a family business American agriculture is. If the kids are in college, they rush home as fast as they can. ...

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Historical Year?

An eternal optimist - I guess that is the grain producer in me. For the past twenty years, I have been traveling the Midwest visiting with customers and friends, generally sharing stories about crop conditions. Most of the time, I ...

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