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2011 Farm Progress Show

Walking around the farm progress show last week, one could not help but note the excitement in the air. The equipment companies were out in full force with new product introductions and more efficient answers to the harvest and planting season. For a couple of the manufacturers, this was the most new product introductions in their history.  It is evident that the strong farm economy has generated demand for equipment upgrades and additional tools to add to the operation. 

The technology companies were not to be left out of the excitement, introducing more accurate guidance systems for some and easier systems to move from one tractor to another for others. The focus was on cost savings, ease of use and increased productivity.

Throughout the three day show, I had a chance to share in the enthusiasm of these new advancements with the people I met. I found out that in order to make a change of this kind, most were looking for someone who would listen to their goals and objectives and guide them to people who utilize similar technologies and equipment.

As agricultural professionals, we must embrace inevitable change. It usually takes longer than you might think for it to happen, and requires more change than you anticipated when it happens. Finding someone to help guide you through the changes can be the most important step you take in building your business.

What is the most effective way to make a significant business decision for your operation?  Do you like to find people in a similar situation to bounce ideas off of, or do you like to focus your time on doing the research that can lead you to the right decision?


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