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Concerns Other Than Harvest

I always enjoy calls from our customers and friends, but my favorite calls throughout the year come from the seat of the combine.  Yield updates, plant health comments and questions about this genetic package or that trait package are great to share.  At some point during the conversation I always try to ask what’s on their mind, or what’s keeping them up at night, outside of getting through harvest.  This year, there seems to be a couple of things that come to the surface.  

They are worried about the risk with land purchases and cash rent contracts that need to be renewed and are likely to go up in price.  Concern about corn on corn production has been brought up.  What has happened the last two seasons that has caused the larger than normal reduction in yield from rotated ground? Then there are the world economic concerns, and what that likely will do to commodity markets. Finally, are we going to see a land bubble?  

What’s on your mind as you go back and forth in the field?


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