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Life On The Farm

As grain trucks line up at the ADM grain facility in my Central Illinois home town, I can’t help but think how much production agriculture has changed in the past twenty years. The long lines of straight trucks that snaked throughout the small town are long gone and are replaced by a steady stream of hopper bottom trailers that move through the facility at a rapid pace.

As a youngster, one of the highlights of the harvest season was skipping the bus ride home to walk through town anxiously looking for one of the family farm grain trucks at the local elevator. It was my job to switch places with the driver of the truck that was the farthest back in line so that he could catch a ride with the first truck going anywhere close to where we were picking corn. This driver, now free from the long line, jumped back into another straight truck and brought it to town, only to tap me on the shoulder and take my place closer to the elevator. 

This all was due to a combination of not enough grain bins at home and grain legs at the elevator that had not caught up with the JD 7720 combines. I know my father was in a foul mood when this was going on, but one youngster was thrilled! You get to pull the truck forward every three or four minutes, and you didn’t have to ride the bus home from school. Isn’t that what the family farm is all about? Today my father is mesmerized by the 12 row corn head speeding through our fields. Life is a full circle on the farm.


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