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The Right Decision

It is the time of year when the house fills up and discussions around the next generation on the farm take place. The holiday break brings the college students back home, and generally they are not quite the same person as when they left. This is the time of year that I get the question, “How do we transition the next generation onto the farm?”

The good news is that American agriculture has been one of the best industries to be involved with over the past ten years. There are opportunities right now that may not have been there in the past; but most industries are cyclical and it is important to keep that in mind as plans are made. 

There is no easy answer to the dilemma of bringing the next generation directly into the farm, or sending them out to build a career for a few years before joining the operation. If the decision is made to join the farm, make sure that they have a chance to contribute. The greatest gift you can give is handing over the power to make decisions and learning from them.


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