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Emotional Side of Farming

Saw my first corn tassel in Illinois this week - mid March planted corn that did not get slowed down by the April frosts. As I visited with my old friend regarding the field, the dry pattern was on the top ...

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Field of Dreams

Have you ever noticed that baseball and growing corn are a lot alike? They both are a long season with some ups and downs. Sometimes your "home run hitter” on the farm is your MVP, and sometimes the nice and ...

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Equipment Decisions

Have you noticed the value of used farm equipment? Tractors, particularly large row crop and midsized four wheel drive tractors, are selling for a huge premium to what they were just three years ago. A good farm economy and demand ...

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Change On The Farm

Plant, spray and harvest. This phrase, introduced about ten years ago, defines a decade of production agriculture. It was a period of time where insect protection and herbicide tolerance were utilized to improve inefficiencies. This, along with GPS, has been ...

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A Lifetime of Crops

40 crops - that is the average number of years that a person is the primary operator of a farm unit. There may be more than 40, but this is the number that most of us will see. The early ...

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Early Planting Concerns…Or Not?

Have you taken the leap of faith and started planting corn? My phone has been ringing off the hook with the question of, “Should I?” As a seedsman, I have very little concern about planting corn at this time. Soil temperatures ...

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Ready to Plant Some Corn?

Recently, Informa released the spring planting intention report showing 95.5 million acres of corn or 3.6 million acres year over year. While we have all anticipated planted acres will increase, this is still considered a big number. It will take ...

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Thank You

As spring approaches and our friends to the south prepare to put seed in the ground, I wanted to say thank you. The launch of the Pfister brand has been a wonderful experience for everyone on our team. On behalf ...

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Listening Improves Business

I recently returned from our annual Pfister customer trip (Trip Photos: These few days are always the most educational part of the year for me. In our mission to be a resource to our customers, the trip gives me ...

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Farmland Values & Stock

Do farmland values give you indigestion? On one hand, we are all smiling about the increase in value on our holdings. But at the same time we may be scratching our heads about adding that new 160 acres at the ...

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