Introducing NuTech Seed

Same Pfister® leadership and lifestyle…new germplasm pool and brand!

Pfister Seeds is combining with NuTech® and NuTech will become the main regional seed brand in the Central Corn Belt for Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. The Pfister Lifestyle of Success, Enjoyment and Family continues! And Pfister’s leadership team will run the “new” NuTech. This includes General Manager Brad Damery, Sales Manager Dennis Clark and Assistant General Manager Jim Reifenrath.

Today’s NuTech is rooted in the qualities that have made two brands—Pfister Seeds and NuTech Seed—so successful. The Pfister brand brings a lifestyle centered around success, enjoyment and family. The NuTech brand brings an incredibly strong and proven product portfolio. Both companies are fueled by passionate and knowledgeable seed professionals. These parts combine to create something truly unique, a brand we think our friends and fellow agriculturalist will not only appreciated but admire.

You’ll also find even more energy at NuTech, thanks to the addition of several team members from Dairyland Seed®, Seed Consultants® and Prairie Brand®. While Dairyland and Seed Consultants will continue their long-standing service to growers north and east of here, some of their Central Corn Belt experts, as well as some seed professionals from Prairie Brand, have decided to join us. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them to NuTech.

As the “new” NuTech Seed, we’ll have more ways to make everything you love about the farming lifestyle even better. To learn more about this exciting change, read our press release.

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