We’ve built something here

and we’re just getting started

There’s a feeling you get when you make the right decision and it pays off big. Like when you shopped around for months before finally buying the truck that got you 250,000 miles down the road without a single hiccup. Or when you made up your mind to ask that way-out-of-your-league girl on a date; the one who later became your best friend, biggest supporter and lifelong partner.

A lot of folks are starting to get that same feeling about Pfister.

Now, as big decisions go, choosing your seed company’s not on par with finding a person to spend the rest of your life with. But if you’re serious about your operation, it’s a pretty big call. And the choice to go with Pfister has been a good one for many farmers.

The difference with Pfister is as simple and as profound as this: They earn your acres the same way you earn your yields. Every day and in every way. With the right seed, good people, experience and know-how. And, maybe most of all, just how much they care about your success.

Going with Pfister has proven to be the right decision for a lot of farmers, and yet, talking to many of them, what you’ll hear the most clearly is a feeling of optimism and expectation, a sense that the biggest successes are still ahead. These growers—the ones wearing their weathered Pfister ballcap with the soft-spoken confidence of someone that’s made a good decision—are living what we call The Pfister Lifestyle.

What’s The Pfister Lifestyle? It’s an approach to farming and life built around three core principles: Success, Enjoyment and Family. It’s about working hard towards your goals without losing sight of what’s truly important. We believe this makes the successes more enjoyable and the occasional setback a little easier to take. Over time the successes will add up, and one day you’ll step back and realize: We’ve built something here. Enjoying what you’ve built, and seeing the happiness and comfort it affords your family gives you the energy and resolve to go out and build even more. That’s the Pfister Lifestyle.

Passionate Professionals

There’s an energy that runs through our team of
seed professionals—you can feel it in the air
around us. We love what we do. And it’s
contagious. So at the end of the day, our team has
one thing on their mind: How can we help you live
the Pfister Lifestyle?

We also recognize that the role of the seedsman
has become more complex. Our team of
highly-skilled, experienced seedsmen is in place to
help educate and advise our friends and
customers. We’re in this together, and your
successes are our successes. Let’s build something

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