Enlist™ Weed Control System

Leading trait technology. Exceptional weed control.


Take advantage of the very latest trait technology that enables easy-to-use, exceptional weed control with Enlist Duo® herbicide. Enlist traits add tolerance to a new 2,4-D choline, building on the glyphosate system, and offer additional tolerance to glufosinate in soybeans.

“What excites me the most about bringing the Enlist system to the marketplace is to bring a solution to my growers [that] solves a lot of their problems that they’re struggling with.”

—Brad Johnson, Lead Agronomist, Pfister Seeds


Three herbicide tolerances for greater flexibility to rotate modes of action:


Herbicide Tolerances


Enlist Duo® herbicide offers:

  • near-zero volatility
  • reduced potential for physical drift
  • decreased odor
  • improved handling characteristics

Twice as tough on problem weeds

Only Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D® technology combines the proven performance of a new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate. The result: unrivaled weed control designed to land and stay on target.


90-percentCombined with low-drift nozzles, Enlist Duo® herbicide with Colex-D® technology cuts drift as much as 90% compared to traditional 2,4-D.

96-percentUp to 96% less volatility than 2,4-D ester helps keep Enlist Duo in place—to improve control and protect nearby crops.

“I was hoping the Enlist Duo would work on our waterhemp, and it’s doing a very excellent job.”

—Allen Henry, Iowa grower

Key Weeds Controlled



“When we sprayed [Enlist Duo], there just is no smell to it. We had soybeans right beside it…it did not drift off of the row, it was staying as good as anything. And the herbicide was working, the weeds were dying.”

— Allen Henry, Iowa grower

calenderEnlist soybeans build on both the glyphosate and glufosinate systems, offering growers three herbicide tolerances for more modes of action.


an application window up to 10 days longer than Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and LibertyLink® soybeans—through R2.

Enlist™ Ahead Management Resource

Get the most from the Enlist system

The Enlist Ahead management resource will help you get the best results from the Enlist system—today and for the future. From management recommendations to technology advancements, Enlist Ahead is designed to help growers make on-target applications and responsibly manage resistance in the field.

“At Pfister, we all have a vested interest in feeding the world, caring for the land, providing for and spending time with our families, and I think the Enlist system is going to help us in getting us to those goals.”

—Scott Davis, Warehouse Manager and Supply Lead, Pfister Seeds

enlist-ahead-tabletEnlist Ahead offers growers benefits such as the Enlist Ahead app to plan herbicide applications and prevent resistance.

The Pfister 2018 Enlist™ corn lineup

Product Number Maturity Traits Notes Link
1821RE 100 RM High-performing hybrid with very girthy, showy ear Go
61C1PE 101 RM Good fall health and late season intactness Go
63D1PE 103 RM High-end yield performance on productive soils Go
64F1PE 104 RM #1 in 2016 internal early testing Go
65B1PE 105 RM Performs strong in high-yield environments Go
66Y3PE 106 RM Large area of adaptation Go
2545SE 107 RM A product built for yield performance Go
68A1PE 108 RM Widely adapted from east to west Go
69B1PE 109 RM Strong, consistent product that moves south well Go
69H1PE 109 RM Great performance in top yield environments Go
70J1SE 110 RM Strong roots and stalks Go
3366SE 112 RM Widely adapted, versatile hybrid Go
2770SE 113 RM High-yielding, medium-statured plant Go
74B1PE 114 RM Tall, full-flex ear hybrid Go
74D2PE 114 RM Full-flex ear with good test weight Go
3488PE 115 RM Performs best in high-yielding environments Go
77C1SE 117 RM High yield potential in high-yield environments Go

Time to take your weed control to the next level

Talk to your Pfister Seeds representative today about the EnlistTM weed control system


Brad Johnson, Sales Agronomy Lead
Keith Niemeier, Sales Agronomist
Ryan Booton, Sales Agronomist

1Stratus Ag Research. 2016. Glyphosate Resistance Tracking Study.
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